Take a walk with me…

Anyone who knows me knows that New York runs through my veins…There is so much to do and so much to see…

I love watching the ships pass underneath the Brooklyn Bridge. I love the quiet serenity of Central Park and the lush green of Prospect Park. I love watching the sun set over the East River… I love the tangible electricity that floats in the air as hundreds of thousands of people pass through Times Square….I love seeking out artisans, teachers,musicians, poets…I love the melting pot of food, people, languages…I love New York through the seasons, the leaves a vibrant rainbow of colors…

Time stops as I look up at the ceiling of Grand Central station and time is captured as I wander the halls of the Metropolitan Museum…Memories of horseback riding and apple cider donuts on beautiful upstate farms permeate my thoughts as I smell cinnamon churros sold by vendors…

I think of the people of New York -so diverse and passionate. Mayor Koch once said that “New York is where the future comes to audition”, indeed it is the place that people come to follow their dreams, in the place of my dreams, in the place that is emblazoned in my memory and my heart.



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