Zahn Center NYC Brings Innovation and Entrepreneurship to Harlem

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     The Zahn Innovation Center (, a startup incubator located at City College in Harlem, is contributing to the growing entrepreneurial community in Silicon Harlem, both on and off-campus. The center is named for Irwin Zahn (Class of 1948), an entrepreneur and founder of Autosplice, a global manufacturer of interconnecting products and electro-assemblies which services multiple industries, and recently, the Moxie Foundation, a philanthropic organization that supports social innovation and entrepreneurship. It is located in the Grove School of Engineering, named for another City College alumnus, Andrew Grove (Class of 1960), a co-founder and former CEO and chairman of tech juggernaut Intel.
     Zahn features mentorship opportunities, rapid prototyping capabilities, pro-bono legal and accounting services, a physical co-working space with 3DP printers and laser cutting tools, participation in a Lean Startup bootcamp and a social entrepreneurship speakers series that features a diverse group of speakers reflective of the melting pot that exists on campus and in Harlem. It also runs 4 startup competitions:  (1) The Kaylie Hardware Prize (named after Harvey Kaylie, also Class of 1960, who is the founder of Mini Circuits, a global leader of microwave and signal processing units), a $50,000 Grand Prize for hardware startups that develop physical products, (2) The Zahn Entrepreneurship Competition for software and other categories, which features a $30,000 grand prize (3) The Zahn Social Innovation Prize, a $30,000 prize for social and environmental impact startups, and the new (4) Standard Chartered Women’s Entrepreneurship Prize, a $30,000 prize for women-lead ventures using technology for economic impact.
     The center features a diverse array of social impact, hardware and software startups, as well as companies that co-work in the space ( A snapshot of portfolio companies include:
Soterix Medical ( -which focuses on neuromodulation technology
yaHeard ( -an online marketing tool for musicians
eKick ( -skateboard technology for a safer ride
Homer Delivery ( -food delivery service with a focus on delivery logistics
laddine ( -curation site for toys that inspire kids to learn and create
Nexhealth ( -doctor-patient communication tool designed to simplify and improve interaction
Next Q ( -virtual queuing line management and analytics tool (already used by City College’s bursar and registration offices)
Van der Waals Technologies ( -graphene and Van der Waals nanotechnology fabricators
Vista Wearables ( -discrete wearables that aid the visually impaired/individuals in low-vision environments (military, search and rescue, firemen)
2×3 (×3/) -aids small cities in Latin America with financially sustainable recycling solutions

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