Horology (Watch Hobby)

Horology is the “study of time” but most people who talk about horology will speak about studying and collecting watches.

My interest in horology first started a few years ago when I was about to turn 35. I wanted to mark that year and that point in my life with something that was going to be a reminder of where I’ve been and where I’m headed in my life. I thought, why not buy a great watch-watches are technical, useful, and in my opinion, beautiful. Little did I know that a whole world would open up for me.  I started doing Internet research and there were so many choices and so many things to learn. And so the rabbit hole of horology began.

Whenever I get into something, I go pretty deep. I become fascinated by learning more and more and horology has that depth of required learning. Watches combine form and function and that hybrid aspect to the field intrigues me. I’m also a history buff and I loved how a lot of the watch companies have long histories and their wares often have historical significance, like the Omega Speedmaster moon landing connection or the Rolex Comex Diver connection.

I also really love that there is a community associated with the hobby. The gender ratio in this hobby is highly skewed, but people have been nothing but warm and welcoming to me. I love that this hobby is such a conversation starter too. I have no problem going up to someone and asking about their watch and I also love it when people ask about mine. “Are you a watch person too?”, they ask.

I still feel like a newbie in this hobby, but I invite you to come along on my ride to learn more.